Cast Aluminum Head Repair: 1954 Nash Healey

We have started a three part series on how to make a weld repair on Cast Aluminum. We were sent a 1954 Nash Healey Head that was made of cast Aluminum and had a large crack in it. Cast Aluminum welding is always difficult. You really never know what to expect, because the material is so dirty and unpredictable. In this series we will be showing you all kinds of different tips and tricks to make sure you get the best possible results. In this episode we are going to:
→ Inspect the part to decide the best way to weld it.
→ Show the multi step process for prepping and grinding the part
→ Dialing in your welder on sample material
→ Tacking the Cast Aluminum



Episode 2:
In Part 2, we are going to head over to the Mill Rite to prep the backside of the part. We will mill out the crack and then bring the part back to the table to full welding.

Episode 3:
This is the third and final part of our series on how to repair cracks in Cast Aluminum headers using the TIG welding process. In the previous episodes, we showed you how to prepare the work piece, set your machine, groove out the crack and tack and weld the top side of the crack. In this episode we are going to demonstrate how to finish the welding and flatten out the distortion to relieve any stresses once it is put back together.


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